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Snake Breaking with Robert Kettle

Although this is NOT a BlueCollar event, we feel Robert Kettle's avoidance clinic is highly worth recommending. Snake avoidance training is more effective than the vaccine, it can save your dog's life and it can save YOUR life.  Robert Kettle, of Fallon Nevada, is one of the original pioneers of snake breaking and one of the only trainers we would recommend.  With over 25 years of experience training pets, hunting dogs and working k9s to avoid snakes, he is one of the country's top experts. We are thrilled to announce that Robert will be returning to SoCal again this year for a 3 day clinic hosted at Sporting Dog B&B. Its about an hour drive from LA but we believe its well worth it. Although there are snake avoidance clinics that are closer, many are offered by reptile hobbyists or dog obedience trainers who do not have the necessary experience to be effective snake avoidance specialists. Some can even cause more harm to your dog than good. 

Over the last 25 years working with dogs and reptiles, Robert has developed a proven method which is both safe and effective for dogs and handlers. Here is what to expect: Youu will be there for about an hour. Robert, or one of his handlers, will lead your dog through a series of stations with rattlesnakes securely contained in wire cages. The cages allow the dog to see, smell and hear the snakes. Its extremely important that your dog encounter the snake outdoors in a "wild" setting where they would normally lurk.  Your dog will be given an opportunity to "discover" the snake. Robert pays close attention to the subtle body signals of the dog and will stimulate the dog only at the exact moment the dog "indicates".  Robert is extremely knowledgeable on the proper use of the stimulation collar and is extremely careful to only use  lowest level of stimulation necessary for the personality of each dog. If necessary, will be "proofed" several times until proper snake avoidance is achieved. You will be present during the entire process and Robert and his staff will be able to to answer any questions you might have. Robert uses his snakes for educational seminars throughout Nevada and his snakes are never harmed in any way. 

Once your dog has completed the Snake Avoidance training, you may want to take advantage of the remote location to take your dog for a hike off leash in hundreds of undeveloped acres that surround Sporting Dog B&B. 

Bring comfortable hiking shoes and water for you and your dog. 

Earlier Event: May 7
Later Event: May 9