"Take a 360° look inside BlueCollar Working Dog's 12,000 sq ft store and training facility in Los Angeles. Puppies and their owners are finding businesses like BlueCollar Working Dog on Google"


"I reached out to working dog trainer Barry Hewitt.  Barry owns Blue Collar Working Dog in Los Angeles, which sells dog training accessories to trainers and handlers of protection dogs and dogs, which provide other services.  To my knowledge, it is the only store of its kind on the planet."  —   Jordan Carlton Schaul


"Blue Collar Working Dog is a pet store that caters specifically to a frequently overlooked segment of the canine world—the active dog. The brainchild of husband and wife team Barry Hewitt and Michelle van Arendonk, Blue Collar Working Dog services every type of active canine—police, security, service, therapy and sporting dogs are all covered here (as are regular ol' energetic, run-around pups)."  —  Michelle Nati


"You never know when your intrepid hound will provoke a snake on the trail or run off into the darkness to chase a raccoon. Blue Collar Working Dog carries all manner of camping and hiking paraphernalia for canines."  —  Best of LA


"Blue accents, custom made pegboards and a gridwall hark back to the store’s workforce mentality, but there are plenty of fun features around, like a buffet of bins filled with dog treats, and toys tied onto ropes that dogs can wrestle with. From hunting and camping gear to the supplies needed while being out in the field, this one-stop shop has the active dog owner’s needs covered. "   —  Pei-Ru Keh


"Let's get one thing clear: this isn't the place to help you pamper a simpering little sweater dog shivering inside a Louis Vuitton purse on Robertson. Blue Collar is a rough-and-tumble, highly specialized spot to stock you both up for your next outdoor adventure."   —  UrbanDaddy (GEAR)


"What do you get when you combine an agility course with a retail space? The new brick and mortar location of Blue Collar Working Dog in Los Angeles. Designed by the talented folks at Scout Regalia, the space is one of the first retailers to specialize in supplies for working, sporting, and active dogs."  —  Capree Kimball, Managing Editor of Dog Milk


"A new kind of dog store in LA from BlueCollar Working Dog explores a new kind of retail concept for people with active lifestyles and the pets that accompany them on the adventures. The warehouse-sized retail shop is described as an interactive one, like an "REI meets Whole Food for active dogs."  —  Laura McQuarrie


"This isn't the place for Paris Hilton-style bow wows, we'll tell you that much! You won't find sparkly collars or cutesy garb, but service-dog equipment, weight vests, and any accessory an active dog needs to stay on top of his or her game. It also offers strict obedience classes, fine-tuned workshops, and dog-walking services."  —  Brenna Egan


"It’s the pet lover’s version of handbag envy: coveting the perfect collar.  After spotting hand-hammered-brass-and-leather collars that look like fancy equestrian gear on some hip local pooches, we used our bloodhound-like tracking sense and found the source to be the Echo Park pet store Blue Collar Working Dog.  They’re covetable and super affordable, too. "


"BlueCollar Working Dog is not your average pet store. Here cute collars and kitsch leads make way for weight vests and starter pistols, and on any given day you’re likely to find dogs training for police work or learning to dodge snakes in the Californian desert. So it stands to reason the store itself should reflect its kick-arse offerings."  —  Emma Guthrie


"Tucked away off Glendale Boulevard, the 6,500-square-foot specialty shop is like "an REI meets Whole Foods for active dogs." Expect to find natural and raw foods for felines and canines; adventure-ready accessories and gear for hiking, biking, running, and other activities; training merch for law enforcement pros and sport dog trainers (yup, it's serious here); and a playground-like space for dogs of all sizes."   —  Danielle Directo-Meston