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Tanya is a mixed technique trainer, incorporating pack leadership skills with clicker training. Her experience of training mammals spans over 30 years, professionally training dogs and cats for over 9 years. Tanya’s education includes a Bachelor of Science in Biology focusing her studies on mammalian physiology and behavior, and a working knowledge of training dogs and cats for film, TV and photography. As a trainer, she is known to use humor and strong analogies to teach people techniques and principles. You may freely sample Tanya’s teaching/training style on “That Dog Training Show with Tanya Yarbrough” on radiotitans.com or on iTunes. Tanya’s primary goal is to educate the dog owner in terms of understanding what their dog truly needs psychologically and how to communicate effectively with their dog. The result is transformative for both the dog and the owner, leading to them to a healthier and happier relationship.




Emily Roach was born into a family of animal lovers in Buffalo, New York. Growing up in an "urban zoo", which had everything from dogs to farm animals (and even a few wild animals), Emily naturally started training animals at a very young age.  In 2006 she moved to Los Angeles to study veterinary medicine at Pierce College.  But soon after enrolling in horse training classes, Emily discovered that her passion lay in animal training rather than medicine and she thus embarked on her training career in 2008, when she began an intensive three year apprenticeship with one of Los Angeles' most prominent dog trainers. The apprenticeship lead to her handling and training dogs for film and television. During this time she also taught hundreds of dog obedience classes. She later became head trainer for LA DogWorks but left after a year in order to work independently so she could focus on the specific aspects of dog training that she feels passionate about. 

Emily specializes in the rehabilitation of troubled animals, she feels that regardless of the problem,  too many dogs are not given the chance they all deserve. Although Emily's expertise is with the mercurial dogs of the world, Emily is an accomplished and experienced trainer in all fields of dog training including agility, protection, competitive obedience,  trick training, service and therapy work and most recently sheep herding.  Emily is also an accredited evaluator for the AKC and their various programs. Emily believes that creating a fun and strong educational base through active training can create a lifelong bond between pet and owner. 




Certified K9 Nose Work Instructor Nicole Reusser-Hillbrecht came to the US from Switzerland. Nicole is master trainer for a K9 training school in California where she trains working dogs for detection and protection for the police and private companies, teaching handler seminars and working with pet owners in group classes and privately. She has trained numerous detection K9s for both public and private sectors. She also specializes in working with reactive and aggressive dogs. Nicole's passion is Search And Rescue training with the Orange County FEMA task force, working her Malinois Frida and training in Schutzhund. She is a member of the Southern California Schutzhund Club, where she trains her dogs and serves as Secretary.